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BIBS Blow-In Blanket

The BIBS® System is an insulation of blowing loose blown wool fiberglass (such as Jet Stream Max®) into wall and ceiling cavaties through a special mesh.


  • BIBS® System makes a custom filling around wiring and fixtures, eliminating costly void and air gaps

  • No settling! No itch factor! No dust!!

  • Vastly superior sound and thermal 
    performance compared to fiberglass batts

  • Slick, efficient, clean and affordable insulation

  • Great in cathedral ceilings and irregular ceilings

CertainTeed® Insulation

  • Soundproofing - excellent STC rating

  • Eco friendly (patented bio based binder)

  • Cuts easily - does not fall apart

  • Soft to the touch (does not make skin irritated or itchy)

  • Industrial leading thermal protection

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