Incorporated in 1999, WMI is an independent supplier of wall, ceiling & roof products, operating in Williams Lake, BC and servicing all of North America.

"Are you feeling the love?" We believe that our attention to you personally is what makes us exceptional at providing you with product at the best price and in a timely fashion. We cater to your individual needs providing full or part truck loads of product.


Profitability. We want you to be successful. We work hard to provide you with products that we know will help grow your business. Our customer’s successes are our best resume. Let us share their ideas and experiences with new products or applications aimed to increase your sales and bottom line.


Net - Net Terms. You know what you are paying when you purchase product from us. No plateaus to meet, no discounts to calculate and no surprises at the end of the year. You pay less up front so you can keep your money (rebate) to do with as you please


We book Freight!


Best rates available


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